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We offer complete dental services. Our team consists of young and competent doctors with specialties in Dental Aesthetics, Dental Surgery, Implantology, Orthodontics and Endodontics.

Dental Clinic with Authorized Medical Specialties
  • We guarantee quality and affordable prices for any patient. We offer the best services, trust and safety!
  • We offer the best services, trust and safety!
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At Megasmile you will benefit every time by the guarantee of the works made. The warranty system shall be granted differentiated, depending on the type of intervention, as follows:

  • For composite obturations, you benefit from 1 year warranty.
  • Metal-ceramic decks and crowns have a 5-year warranty
  • Ceramic decks and crowns on zirconium benefit from a 5-year warranty.
  • For bridges and whole crowns of zirconium we offer you 10-year warranty.
  • The dental implant has a 10-year warranty.
  • Ceramic dental facets come with a 2-year warranty.
  • Partial and total dentures also hold a 2-year warranty.

The terms of the guarantees offered can be much more unraved, once a few simple conditions are met: the patient must maintain proper oral hygiene and present himself to periodic checks every 6 months.

The guaranteed warranty covers all workmanship and works performed within our specialized clinic. Failure to comply with the recommendations entails loss or reduction of the guarantee, in which case any subsequent interventions will take place at the expense of the pacinet.

For the preservation of the guarantee, to any problem arising in respect of a work performed, the patient can address the Specialists of Megasmile. Our clinic will provide advice and recommendations offered by specialists, so that the type of implant you want, the shape and the final appearance to be the one according to your own demands. Once complied with the recommendations regarding the maintenance of oral hygiene, the guarantee is maintained and you will benefit all the time from the smile you desire!

Dentistry keeps you every time the health of your teeth. To get a beautiful smile, shiny and without caries or other oral problems, it is necessary to visit the dentist at least twice a year. For this, it is recommended to visit a dental practice that can deal professionally with all these interventions. However, dentistry does not only refer to the treatment of teeth as a result of their proper miscare. It is also about the straightening of the teeth, the cosmetic dentistry, but also the implants that lead to the subtle filling of the free places where the teeth fell.

The problems faced by both children and young people and adults are varied and require a certain treatment to solve them. Caries give pain and look and inaesthetic; So do your teeth tight or warm. To counter the damaging effects of the consumption of certain foods and beverages or to straighten certain birth defects related to the appearance of the teeth, you should go to the dentist who will find an optimal solution for each case.

Aesthetics is very important when we create a first impression about someone. The way he looks, where he shows up, but the way he talks and smiles a person is important. So, having clean, beautiful and healthy teeth is the desire of all of us. For that, the periodic visit to a dental office should not be missed. At the Advanced Dentistry clinic Megasmile, dental treatments existing in the service offer include dental implant, dental crowns, dentistry, but also the fitting of dental apparatus for tooth correction and dental services General.

One of the main tasks of general dentistry is to encourage the prevention of the diseases of the oral cavity. For this, a proper education is needed in this respect, education related to proper oral hygiene and periodic checks provided by dentists as specialists from the Megasmile cabinet.

The problems related to the teeth that can occur over time are of the most diverse. It can be edentation – the loss of one or more teeth, excessive shredsion called attrition or spaces occurring in time between the teeth. Such modifications structurally affect the integrity of the oral cavity. Even the loss of a single tooth entails the damage to the other teeth, disorders of the jaw bones, but also the musculature and mandibular joints. Dental prosthetics, as a service provided within our dental clinic, targets solutions that can restore the linkages between the teeth and jaws, so that the anatomy of the oral cavity does not suffer. Our attention is concentrated towards restoring all structures in the most aesthetic way, so that each patient can benefit from the beautiful smile he has always wanted.

In order to solve any such problems, our clinic will provide fixed, mixed or mobilizable dentures, which aim to suppress missing teeth, lost for reasons such as periodontosis, trauma or untreated caries.

The options you have in such situations begin with minimal invasive variants. It is in this case the ceramic facets that improve the shape and appearance of the teeth, covering only one of their external faces. The process involves fixation with the last-generation cements used by our clinic, in colors identical to the rest of the dance, to preserve the aesthetic appearance.

If the tooth is affected in too much of the decay, the solution we propose is its coating with a ceramic dental crown. The technology we use is a modern one: ceramic crowns have zirconium support, and the appearance identical to that of natural teeth is given by the lack of metallic interior.

Edentatia – One or more teeth missing – requires another type of treatment. We still exemplify some such cases, because in our clinic you will find the right solutions all the time.

Dental Crown We recommend it if the tooth has experienced significant damage to the structure. We will keep, with the help of the latest technologies we use, the natural appearance of the tooth, and the work comes with the guarantee: if you respect the principles of hygiene and care, the lifespan can exceed 10 years.

Dental bridges represent a solution for one or more missing teeth. The deck is actually supported on the teeth joined, polished, or on the neighboring implants. Of course, and the bridge will be made of materials that respect the principles of bio-esthetics and then guide us.

Dental prostheses target people who know the loss of a large part of the dentures. And these prostheses can be of various types: Complete or partial, fixed or removable, so that, in any situation, you can smile with confidence.

Dental facets can render the tooth the original appearance, similar color to others, the desired shape, and dental incrustations become suitable in situations where the restoration does not impose compulsory dental crowns.

Our clinic specialists will be at your disposal, along with the last-hour technologies we use. Experience and endowments recommend us, and specializations in prosthetics, Periodontology, endodonts, dental surgery and orthodontion will guarantee that at MegaSmile you will find every time the solution for a perfect smile!

Orthodontic is the branch of dentistry that deals with the alignment of teeth and the correction of the way in which the teeth meet in the bite, but also the correction of defects in the bones of the face that support the teeth, with the help of dental apparatus.

Orthodontic treatment is indicated for patients who experience disorders of the function and esthetics of the dental and facial abnormalities due to dental or jaw anomalies. The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to remove these anomalies and maintain in time the favourable results obtained.

Treatment with dental devices is indicated in any patient, starting with early childhood age, with optimal age, for each anomaly and method of treatment. The General Practitioner dentist directs the patient for an orthodontic consult if it refers to probelems of an orthodontic nature, but also patients can signal some defects such as:

  • Unaligned or crammed teeth
  • Smile Devoid of harmony
  • Too little visible teeth in the smile or too prominent
  • Teeth with spaces between them
  • Delays in the eruption of definite teeth or problems in the development of milk teeth
  • Dental or facial asymmetry
  • Ineffective, difficult or blocked mastication
  • Dental problems that emerged from old extractions
  • Teeth migrated due to imbalances given by periodontal disease
  • In the absence of orthodontic treatment, the listed problems have consequences whose severity varies from the difficulty of correct brushing to the crated teeth to the impossibility of mastication of most foods in complex situations of problems of Bite. Of course, aesthetic shortcomings permanently accompany orthodontic conditions.

Orthodontic treatment with dental apparatus brings benefits to the patient both in the context of his or her oral health, but also in personal life by giving confidence in himself through a beautiful, harmonious and symmetrical smile, consistent with the shape of the face and According to the patient’s age, aligned teeth that are easily sanitized and maintained healthy, balance in mastication by the optimum and comfortable demand of all teeth during eating.

Dental appliances are medical devices through which the orthodontist correcteesthe dental and Maxilo-facial anomalies. Dental appliances can be fixed or mobile, with a wide variety, in accord with the diversity of orthodontic problems.

Fixed dental appliances are addressed to patients with definite teeth and their peculiarity is that they remain fastened by bonding to the ends until the orthodontic treatment is completed. The fixed dental apparatus can be metallic or of ceramic materials, transparent, safe patient comfort and aesthetics during orthodontic treatment. Mounting of the dental apparatus fixes a painless workmanship consisting in the bonding of the appliance to the teeth and lasting about 45 minutes. After mounting, in the first two days, accommodating with the braces is completed.

Mobile dental appliances are mostly placed on upper or lower milk teeth, through special clamping systems and can be removed by the patient in order to be sanitized separately from teeth that can be routinely brushed without difficulty.

The activations of the dental apparatus, both fixed and mobile, are carried out monthly. The dental apparatus does not work in the absence of control of the orthodontist.

Success of orthodontic Treatment

Successfully completed orthodontic treatment is the result of good collaboration between the patient and the orthop-Cian. The doctor and his team aim to achieve the best possible result for each patient through the appropriate treatment plan and the personalized use of the dental apparatus. The orthodontist is committed to treating each patient with all his dedication and skill by ultiling the right type of braces according to the patient’s needs. Orthodontist will contribute to a more effective communication with the patient and will inform him permanently about the details of the treatment with the dental apparatus.

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the anomaly with which the patient is presented, the patient’s age in the presentation, the individual response to treatment and the consistency with which the patient presents himself in activations. At the beginning of treatment, the orthodontist doctor may make an estimate of the period of wear of the dental apparatus.

Dental Implant – The ideal solution for a perfect smile

The dental implant aims at a technology that facilitates the replacement of the missing tooth from the arch with an artificial tooth. The implant is made of a material 100 biocompatible – Titanium. Technological evolution has made it felt progress and in dental implantology, therefore, any implant that you will benefit from in our clinic will respect the shape of the roots of the real teeth and will be placed directly in the bone. The stages travelled within the dental implant are aimed at a very important process – Osteointegration – more precisely the perfect fusion between the implant surface and the bone in which it will be placed.

Dental implant technique is used in prosthetics, dental bridges, partial prostheses or as an anchor point for preventing displacement. Once done and well cared for by proper sanitizing, dental implants represent solutions for the whole life.

What are the benefits of implant protestors that you will benefit from in our clinic? We expose them in the form of a detailed list, in the following:

1. The price is a convenient one. The dental implant, representing the replacement of a single tooth, has costs close to a traditional works of metalloceramic materials. The advantage is also on the side of the other teeth, since the implants do not affect their integrity in any way.

2. Bone health is sustained. In the absence of one or more teeth, the upper or lower jaw bone deteriorates, reaches and affects the integrity of the masticatory apparatus. The dental implant that you will benefit from MegaSmile will sustain the bone, like a natural roots, keeping its integrity at qualitative and quantitative level.

3. Comfort is another trait of dental implants provided by MegaSmile. You will be able to smile, talk and eat in the same manner that you would have behaved with your natural teeth. The implant will behave the same as a natural tooth, giving the jaw strength.

4. At the aesthetic level, dental implants made by MegaSmile perfectly align with the texture, shape and color of your natural teeth. In this way, you will be able to smile with confidence and you will be able to eat whatever you want, as long as you keep your recommendations in terms of hygiene and oral maintenance.

5. Durability is another asset that you can benefit from if you are appealing to the dental implant solution at MegaSmile. The success rate of replacing teeth lack with the best quality implants is over 90, both for implants made in the mandible and for those performed on the upper jaw. Once maintained the rules of oral hygiene, the success of the implant is guaranteed, and the work can last the whole life – you will maintain the perfect smile all the time!

Dentistry is any dental work that leads to improvement in the appearance of a person’s dance. This niche of General Dentistry focuses on changing the dental esthetics, regarding the size, shape, color, alignment, position and appearance of the smile. Everyone wants a beautiful, white and right teeth, just like in the toothpaste commercials, but unfortunately not many people are born with it. That’s why advanced dentistry clinics like that of Megasmile offer a number of dental treatments to increase self-confidence and beauty of teeth and entire oral cavity.

Beautiful and shiny teeth and a healthy mouth can become our business card when we are dealing with different situations in everyday life. The most desired feature of a lot of people is the color of the teeth. It wants a smile as close to white, natural and radiant, without being highlighted in a certain way. For this, our clinic recommends professional whitening services, which always lead to a perfect and charming appearance of the patient in question.

At the Megasmile clinic is possible a wide range of interventions in dental aesthetics that lead, unmistakenly, to improving the overall appearance of the teeth. People who want to look good and make the pleasures of people around the world call for aesthetic surgery, which is at great search in the last period. We don’t just want to have a clean, healthy mouth. Also, the shape of the teeth, their brilliance and the accessories that can be applied to the enamel constitute true requirements for the modern patients who want the best from dental aesthetics.

In order to come to the wishes of these pretentious people, the Megasmile Dental clinic includes the following interventions in the Dental cosmetics range:

  • Enamel remoting;
  • Removal of stains and bacterial plaque;
  • Supragingival and Subgingival Detartrage;
  • Dental Bonding;
  • Dental whitening at home or in the Stomatological office;
  • Ceramic dental Crowns;
  • Dental veneering;
  • Cosmetic odontoplasty;
  • Dental accessories;
  • Teeth-color obturations.

Through such treatments of dental esthetics, the Megasmile Dental Clinic is recognized for professionalism, seriousness, efficiency and results of the most beautiful and resilient in time.

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