Metal Braces

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Metal braces shall be indicated to any patient, starting from pre-school age, with optimal age, for each anomaly and method of treatment in part
NOW take advantage of the metallic fixed braces offer from 899 Lei/Arcada.
Valid only for the first 10 patients booking online

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Metal Braces
Metal Braces

462.00 195.80


Metal Dental Apparatus from 890 Lei/Arcada


NOW take advantage of the metallic fixed braces offer from 890 Lei/Arcada.


Valid only for the first 10 patients booking online

The price for metal braces is for an arch and does not include monthly activations/consultations.

Control/activation of Braces 95 Ron/Arcada.

* Offer valid only with an appointment and consultation in advance!

Orthodontia is the branch of dentistry that deals with the alignment of teeth and the correction of the way in which the teeth meet in the bite, but also the correction of defects in the bones of the face that support the teeth, with the help of dental apparatus.

Orthodontic treatment is indicated for patients who experience disorders of the function and esthetics of the dental and facial abnormalities due to dental or jaw anomalies. The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to remove these anomalies and maintain in time the favourable results obtained.

Treatment with metallic dental apparatus shall be indicated in any patient, starting with early childhood age, with optimal age, for each anomaly and method of treatment. The General Practitioner dentist directs the patient for an orthodontic consult if it refers to probelems of an orthodontic nature, but also patients can signal some defects such as:

  • Unaligned or crammed teeth
  • Smile Devoid of harmony
  • Too little visible teeth in the smile or too prominent
  • Teeth with spaces between them
  • Delays in the eruption of definite teeth or problems in the development of milk teeth
  • Dental or facial asymmetry
  • Ineffective, difficult or blocked mastication
  • Dental problems that emerged from old extractions
  • Teeth migrated due to imbalances given by periodontal disease
  • In the absence of orthodontic treatment, the listed problems have consequences whose severity varies from the difficulty of correct brushing to the crated teeth to the impossibility of mastication of most foods in complex situations of problems of Bite. Of course, aesthetic shortcomings permanently accompany orthodontic conditions.

Orthodontic treatment with metallic braces brings benefits to the patient both in the context of its oral health, but also in a personal plan offering confidence in its own person through a beautiful, harmonious and symmetrical smile, consistent with the shape of the face and According to the patient’s age, aligned teeth that are easily sanitized and maintained healthy, balance in mastication by the optimum and comfortable demand of all teeth during eating.

Dental appliances are medical devices through which orthodontist doctor corrects dental and Maxilo-facial anomalies. Dental appliances can be fixed or mobile, with a wide variety, in accord with the diversity of orthodontic problems.

Metal braces are addressed to patients with definite teeth and their peculiarity is that they remain fastened by bonding to the end of orthodontic treatment. The fixed dental apparatus can be metallic or of ceramic materials, transparent, safe patient comfort and aesthetics during orthodontic treatment. Mounting of the dental apparatus fixes a painless workmanship consisting in the bonding of the appliance to the teeth and lasting about 45 minutes. After mounting, in the first two days, accommodating with the braces is completed.

Mobile dental appliances are mostly placed on upper or lower milk teeth, through special clamping systems and can be removed by the patient in order to be sanitized separately from teeth that can be routinely brushed without difficulty.

The metallic braces, both fixed and mobile, are carried out on a monthly basis. Metal braces do not work in the absence of control orthodontist.

Success of Orthodontic Treatment:

Orthodontic treatment with a successfully completed metallic braces is the result of good collaboration between the patient and the orthop-Cian. The doctor and his team aim to achieve the best possible result for each patient through the appropriate treatment plan and the personalized use of the dental apparatus. The orthodontist is committed to treating each patient with all his dedication and skill by ultiling the right type of braces according to the patient’s needs. Orthodontist will contribute to a more effective communication with the patient and will inform him permanently about the details of the treatment with the dental apparatus.

The duration of orthodontic treatment with metallic braces varies depending on the anomaly with which the patient is presented, the patient’s age in the presentation, the individual response to treatment and the consistency with which the patient presents himself at activations. At the beginning of treatment, the orthodontist doctor can make an estimate of the period of worn metal braces.

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