Dental prosthesis

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- 40% Dental prosthesis
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NOW take advantage of the dental prosthesis offer at only 599 lei/Arcada,

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Dental prosthesis
Dental prosthesis

220.00 131.78


Dental prosthesis


NOW take advantage of the dental prosthesis offer at only 599 lei/Arcada,


* Offer valid only with an appointment and consultation in advance!

The total lack of teeth can lead to unpleasant situations both aesthetically and functionally, the proper non-dinging of food leading to digestive problems. That’s why the Megasmile clinic comes in solving your problem with an unbeatable offer of total or partial restoration of teeth with the fastest and most common technique. Dentures restores during the shortest masticatory and aesthetic function of the Dento-Maxar apparatus.

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The problems related to the teeth that can occur over time are of the most diverse. It can be edentation – the loss of one or more teeth, excessive shredsion called attrition or spaces occurring in time between the teeth. Such modifications structurally affect the integrity of the oral cavity. Even the loss of a single tooth entails the damage to the other teeth, disorders of the jaw bones, but also the musculature and mandibular joints. Dental prosthetics, as a service provided within our dental clinic, targets solutions that can restore the linkages between the teeth and jaws, so that the anatomy of the oral cavity does not suffer. Our attention is concentrated towards restoring all structures in the most aesthetic way, so that each patient can benefit from the beautiful smile he has always wanted.

In order to solve any such problems, our clinic will provide fixed, mixed or mobilizable dentures, which aim to suppress missing teeth, lost for reasons such as periodontosis, trauma or untreated caries.

The options you have in such situations begin with minimal invasive variants. It is in this case the ceramic facets that improve the shape and appearance of the teeth, covering only one of their external faces. The process involves fixation with the last-generation cements used by our clinic, in colors identical to the rest of the dance, to preserve the aesthetic appearance.

If the tooth is affected in too much of the cavity, the solution we propose is its coating with a ceramic dental crown. The technology we use is a modern one: ceramic crowns have zirconium support, and the appearance identical to that of natural teeth is given by the lack of metallic interior.

Edentatia – One or more teeth missing – requires another type of treatment. We still exemplify a few such cases, because in our clinic you will find the appropriate solutions (dental prosthesis) all the time.

Dental Crown We recommend it if the tooth has experienced significant damage to the structure. We will keep, with the help of the latest technologies we use, the natural appearance of the tooth, and the work comes with the guarantee: if you respect the principles of hygiene and care, the lifespan can exceed 10 years.

Dental bridges represent a solution for one or more missing teeth. The deck is actually supported on the teeth joined, polished, or on the neighboring implants. Of course, and the bridge will be made of materials that respect the principles of bio-esthetics and then guide us.

Dental dentures target people who know the loss of a large part of the dentures. And these prostheses can be of various types: Complete or partial, fixed or removable, so that, in any situation, you can smile with confidence.

Dental facets can render the tooth the original appearance, similar color to others, the desired shape, and dental incrustations become suitable in situations where the restoration does not impose compulsory dental crowns.

Our clinic specialists will be at your disposal, along with the last-hour technologies we use. Experience and endowments recommend us, and specializations in prosthetics, Periodontology, endodonts, dental surgery and orthodontion will guarantee that at MegaSmile you will find every time the solution for a perfect smile!

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